Week 25 – applying the knowledge

Once again I’m finding it hard to put my words into a constructive 400 word blurb.  This last week has been a wonderful continuation of the MKMMA… I feel having spent the last 6 months engrossed in changed in a conscious way.. there is no going back.  It is now a part of my being and I am totally grateful for that.   I am doing the work and I am committed.  I see a light at the end of the tunnel and I know now how to get there.  

I have done many therapies, readings, healings, courses, et, etc (loads of etc’s) to gain more awareness in the field of the spiritual journey..(seeking happiness and inner peace).. but … I didn’t commit to the practices religiously and consciously everyday.  I did for a week or two but then the old blueprint would kick back in slowly and take over without me knowing, until years down the track I would be in the same mental chit chat as before. – {my self confidence was shot and unstable}.  

The MKMMA is such a gift to the world as it guides you through – with the tools to change.  The only thing is… YOU GOT TO DO THE WORK!   KNOWLEDGE DOES NOT APPLY ITSELF!  You can read as many books as you like, watch countless you tube videos, talks etc, go away on a variety of retreats… but unless you do the work Every Single Day of your Life and embrace the work as a Part of your life and Existence… then it really is futile.. It is all temporary relief to an on going problem.

During the course of the MKMMA support grows weekly as you yourself instigate it through blogging and the alliance area and your own guided connections to like minded people. It’s truly a wonderful gift… For me as well, my inner guidance directs me daily into different therapies/avenues/places/people/conversations etc that support my growth and awareness in the physical and present moment.  It’s the something I’ve been searching for… for now… but with what I have been through in my life pre-MKMMA, I still have many questions how it all fits together in the scheme of things.  But for now… One thing at a time.  Focused awareness on the moment. Forming new healthy Habits.  Positive Mental Attitude.  Defencelessness. Stillness and Silence.  

The magic that comes from Defencelessness this week has astounded me.  To a situation that had my blood boiling, ready to fight with all my might…. I stood still and allowed the barrage of attack… observing my need to scream and fight with rage and defence… I just stood still, listened.(even though my mind was a whirlwind of hurt feelings and confusion)  Within minutes the drama was gone and harmony reaped it’s rewards.

The path of least resistance.  Lets let this one grow!

Starting over round 1 copy

16 thoughts on “Week 25 – applying the knowledge

    1. masterkeybrony Post author

      Good on you! I’m just getting really tired of fighting back cause it just doesn’t go anywhere… But what a challenge it is to be defenceless. I’m working on it daily. Breathing is good:-)

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  1. masterkeyroz

    Reblogged this on masterkeyroz and commented:
    True power does not crush others because it helps them see their own greatness and how to leverage their resources of a sustainable life design. But perhaps most instructive of all is the daily routine…


  2. jenorator79

    I am in absolute agreement with you, Brony. It is all theory and rhetoric until you apply that knowledge. Knowledge isn’t power, applied knowledge is power. Rock on with your fabulous transformation. It is a joy to witness.

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  3. dannycl

    The seed has been planted, natured and cared for six months ago, and now we get to reap our rewards.
    How great is that? 👍


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