Week 27 – Scrambled and Starting again… Again!

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Scrambled Eggs is in my head.   Mushy and mixed up thoughts.  So many things to focus on.  Then another comes along… and then another… then I’m overwhelmed with so much to focus on!!!  Visualise and feel good about!  The busy-ness and full on outside world is just an indication of my inner world so time to simplify and cull the crap.  The pressure I put on myself to get it right, to know exactly what I want, seems to get no where and out weighs the joy of just living.  From today I start again with my version of what I WANT.. I just want to LOVE MY LIFE!  Have that feeling of loving my life!!!  So applying the Law of Growth I have begun observing people who I see as Loving their life.  Using visualisations I now have chosen to just see myself smiling on the inside being totally grateful for an awesome life.  It’s the feelings that I have had trouble connecting with.  I’ve spent so long in feelings of stress and worry and fear that they have become a habit and changing to feelings of joy and relaxation seem to be tough and don’t seem to stick.  So now using the Law of practice… I now practice smiling more often, practice visualising my inner smile, practice practice practice!  Using the Law of substitution… substitute feelings of overwhelm with relaxation… So many things to do so I am starting again…. Again!  Over and out…. stuff to do:-)



13 thoughts on “Week 27 – Scrambled and Starting again… Again!

  1. mkdeanna

    You are observin, you are clarifying your desires and it’s all divine timing. You’ve got this. Inner love, happiness, peace and joy. It’s you!! XOXO

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  2. kzigay

    Thank you for writing about what’s been going on in my head too! My first step is to get that darned new dmp written and I know all will fall into place… good idea to focus on the law of substitution Brony!

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  3. kzigay

    HAHAHA I could if it was written…. basically the same goal of getting to Australia in the fall and income goals. Still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up so that part’s still up in the air lol.

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