Week 28 – In the midsts

Anzac Day Round.jpg

I’ve actually been enjoying the re-reads of Haanels Chapters.  This time underlining different bits and pieces that appeal to me that I am using in my day to day life.  I find as my awareness expands, new information comes to the light that wasn’t there before.

I’m taking new opportunities that are presented to me, where before I would procrastinate.

Life is good and the change is at a snails pace.


12 thoughts on “Week 28 – In the midsts

      1. masterkeyrea

        Brony, I copied the picture above here and read the blog. I saw the words and feel your pain of “snails pace”.Remember you are not competing out there you are “A CREATOR” Whole Powerful——– when I see the art and the place you now occupy on earth I see only a creator. Don’t listen to yourself (old blueprint) Talk to your self, there is no defense against that.– for the subby.

        Be back on line soon I promise, and oh do we have things moving…………….eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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  1. dominica8

    change may seem at snail’s speed, but will be all the better ‘incarnated’. I believe in you! you have definitely come already a long way and that will never ever disappear again. EnJoy whatever speed! xxx

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