Week 29 -out of energy

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This week I have been out of energy to do practically anything.  My mojo for the course has come to slow pace..  I haven’t been happy with the girl in the mirror as I watch her old blueprint take over and woo her back into a false sense of security on the couch watching the box whilst feeling fluey with no energy, body lethargy, sore throat and the like.  But the strangest thing is that mountains have been moved along this journey and not so much the new habits formed… but more like the DO IT NOW attitude has clung on for dear life and is making the changes that need to happen.  Whether or not these changes are due to the forming of new habits… (not sure they are habits yet as I still HAVE to do them and I fight with the HAVE TO’S in my life.)  or the fact that the readings have influenced my subby so subtly that the recognition that my life is halfway over and I have sat in fear way too long and have allowed so many wonderful opportunities to pass me by…. and the guilt I feel for not taking the opportunities and the anger I feel towards myself for not having enough self confidence to do things bla bla bla … Whatever has changed in me in the last 7 months has been so huge that it is forever.  There is no going back as I know the girl in the mirror looks at me and says… DO NOT LET OPPORTUNITIES PASS YOU BY BECAUSE OF FEAR.  Get on with it and DO IT ANYWAY!  YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF.  AND THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.  I’m starting to feel the train move out of the station and begin the journey… actually moving forwards… even though it is slow to start… the momentum of moving is happening and I am actually starting to feel it.  The last 7 months of the MKMMA has led me to myself through the readings the listenings the writings and also the intuitive knowings which have led me to outside therapies that have influenced my spiritual growth magnanimously, and for all of that I am truely grateful.  I am excited to be on this journey once again … with heightened senses to guide me into the unknown and into myself even more. Peace be this trains journey!


8 thoughts on “Week 29 -out of energy

      1. masterkeybrony Post author

        Great! I should be here… I’ve written in my DMP I’m in Hawaii in October… But that’s happening this July so I will most probably be in Aus… But totally open to another Hawaii trip!!

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  1. kzigay

    You’re going to be in Hawaii for the MKE thingy? Cool! I’m going to be there for the Go90Grow event but will be arriving July 27th – we’ll have to do some hanging out!

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