Enthusiasm and Feeling is the key

Enthusiasm and Feeling is something I have been struggling with the whole course.  I’ve had spurts of it but as I go on and continue the practices, the two things I need to manifest anything in my life are at a low…. I WANT MY ENTHUSIASM BACK!! I WANT MY FEELINGS OF EXCITEMENT BACK! So this week I begin my journey of the Law of Growth… what I observe will grow.  I entrust myself to observe enthusiasm! Excited feelings! Smiles! Laughter! Lightheartedness!  I also begin the journey of going through my studio and letting go.  I am ready to deal with my “stuff” and let it go to create space in my life for fun, loving, enthusiastic lightheartedness!!  Off to the studio I go…. I now proclaim that by June 30 2016 I will have created space in my life for the new and improved me!


13 thoughts on “Enthusiasm and Feeling is the key

  1. Charlottes Masterkey

    Way to go 🙂
    I know where you are coming from.. I have been there.. and sometimes fall back..
    This crazy or funny video actually helped me a lot, and I replay it in my head often, especially when things seem to not be going in the direction I want them too.. maybe it can help you too..
    you don’t have to do the things, just listen to the words and print them to your memory..

    Charlotte R.

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      1. masterkeybrony Post author

        I always think of what you said at the beginning to one of my posts… and it really helps… you said… everything happens in it own time.. and my time is different to yours and someone elses.. so yer… i’m hanging in there … as my time will come.. yay!

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  2. dominica8

    sunshine blasting out of this blog and You, how wonderfull… and yes, trust the Secret and Sacred Timing or your True Self….
    ‘I let go effortlessly’ is also on of my latest added affirmations 🙂

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