The slow process of letting go

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This week I had “a moment” where I realised I had lost faith as a child or to be more exact… faith was taken from me as a child..  I’d lost faith in myself that I could do anything and I had lost faith in “God” that “he” would be there for me.  In having this revelation and “aha” moment, I realised that if you don’t have faith in yourself or in something then really you just float along in life never really getting anywhere.  You have your big dreams but without faith in yourself that you can achieve them, well,  you just have dreams… Action is required to pursue intuitive hunches and if you have no faith that you can do it then those hunches (which would take you on a new journey) just go by the wayside and you look back at your life and your dreams and years pass by where you look back and  you’re exactly where you were back then and nothing really changes.

Chanting every day  “I can be what I will to be” and “Do it now”, go hand in hand.  Of course any of us can be what we will to be but if you are frozen in non action because you have “no faith” in your abilities and “no confidence” and “low self esteem”… then the train just sits at the station going nowhere.  Persistence on this heroes journey is the key.  With persistence you are saying…”hey! I want this! I can do it and if it takes a lifetime to change the old patterns to allow the new… then I’m going to persist until it is done!”

Using the Law of Least Effort is a game changer.  Once allowing the Acceptance to sink in, with where you are….you can then do something about it as you are no longer using all you energy to keep the door pushed shut.

For now… that is where I am.

Peace be the journey.


4 thoughts on “The slow process of letting go

      1. masterkeyrea

        Miss Brony,
        Clever thing the Ego. Makes us believe in all kinds of *(*%*% – but sit back and look for a minute what is happening in your life. You have become aware of all that you are. The Ego fears that you will abandon the false concept of yourself and BE ALL YOU CAN BE. Actually you already are that.. Get one thing straight. in what you wrote here shows me you ARE here now and looking and not allowing it to win. You are aware of what you see, feel and are doing. My question what was it before??
        “This to shall pass” said one of our wise teachers (OG)
        Stay with making your beautiful crafts and the bubbly self we all Love. Nothing else fits you now. There is no going back after all you have done


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