Born “Bronwyn Joan Marjorie Russell” in Brisbane Australia in 1971 the youngest of 6.  Now Brony Russell-Collins living with my wonderful husband Sean and our little furry baby TJ the white spoodle (cocker spaniel/poodle).  Living by the sea and in a small community is wonderful.  No traffic lights to be seen for miles!

I work part time in a pie shop and only 15 steps to the right is my own little shop called Bronys Studio and Shop – https://www.facebook.com/bronysstudioandshop -where I work after my pie shop job.  I’m on the Pacific highway from Brisbane to Sydney in a lovely little town by the river.  My shop is full of my beautiful creations from ceramic jewellery and wall hearts to mandala designs and fabric/cushion designs PLUS MORE!

I love nature and beautiful things, happy people and sharing stories.  And Coffee…. that Sean makes me in the morning.:-)  I dream of travelling again and visiting my friends overseas on a regular basis:-)  and meeting more wonderful people in the world.  Life is good:-)



4 thoughts on “About

  1. dominica8

    Hi there! (fro some reason when I got to your blog on monday, I could not see all I’m seeing here now 😉 so I found your AboutMe page and all 🙂 nice! )
    If you are still interested in a miniMMA, send me an email? dominica.eyckmans@gmail.com, or join me on Facebook, if you type my name you can easily find me!
    Looking forward to connect! 🙂 Enjoy your day, and the ride!

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