Press Release

What a pleasure it was to sit in on Jamie Dury’s interview with Brony, Award winning owner and colour enthusiast of the now online global empire – Bronys Studio and Shop.  Here we sit on the most glorious day outside on her deck (made for entertaining) on the cliffs in Yamba, overlooking the magnificent Pacific Ocean.  This deck juts out so far that you feel like you’re actually on a boat!  Really, it is the best of both worlds.  It’s October and the Whales are heading south along the coastline and without a doubt they are the closest to land Brony’s ever seen them.  “They always put on a show for us this time of year.  We really are so blessed and grateful for living here in one of our dream homes and even more special as it was re-designed by my wonderful hubby Sean and of course decorated by me.”  Jamie seems to be in awe as he walks around the house.

“I can see that this place is a one of a kind bespoke creation.  The colours, clean lines, shapes and textures are all balanced to create a welcoming and harmonious feel.  A little retro, mixed with tribal, earthy and Moroccan.  Something I have never seen before.”  Jamie is definitely impressed.

Behind me is the most amazing splash back I have ever seen.  Jamie replies to me “Well actually you probably would have seen it in last years Vogue Living magazine the October Issue.  I did the 8 page spread highlighting Brony and Sean as the new designer couple.  They did a remarkable job with it all”

to be continued….